About Us

Leeah Whittier, AA, BSc

Scientific illustrator & Designer

Born and raised in rural Oregon, Leeah developed an appreciation for the natural world around her.  While attending Umpqua Community College for a Fine Arts degree, she learned about Scientific Illustration and was inspired to pursue that as a career.  She attended both the University of Oregon and Oregon State University in pursuit of a Zoology degree while taking classes in Fine Arts to expand her artistic skills.  She took on her first position as an illustrator shortly after graduation, contributing to the OSU Anatomy and Physiology open source textbook.

Leeah loves animals of all kinds, but especially birds and reptiles.  In addition to her artwork, she has worked as a lab assistant for a parasitology lab and a marine biology research lab.  When not working on art, she can often be found playing video games, reading horror novels or hanging out with her boyfriend.

Ryan Wilson, BSc

Assistant & Programmer

Ryan was born in Alaska, and spent his childhood both there and in Oregon.  He joined the US Air Force after graduating from Roseburg High, where he worked for six years as an electrician.  He began pursuing an electrical engineering degree after several years as a contractor in the Middle East, attending both Umpqua Community College and Oregon State University.  He now works full time as a Software Engineer and provides technical assistance for Leeah when not at work.

Outside of his duties, Ryan likes to spend his time painting miniatures, playing video games, cooking and spending time with his girlfriend.  He also worked at the parasitology lab, and has ten years of experience as a Lineman.